A Director’s Journey 1

I could still remember the first time I was graced by amazing films during my childhood. Drew Barrymore’s classic “Never Been Kissed” and Chow Yung Fat’s “Ana and the King”. Just two of the first films I’ve seen that became an instant favorite. That, I guess was the one thing that inspired me to take the Journey I chose to take today.

I could still remember the first time I had the interest in this field. It was way back my high school years when I found a different way of recycling old composition and writing notebooks. Each time my cousins who used to study at a private school also used to have a bunch of notebooks. When they junk all of those notebooks, I go down to their junk and get it. Not because I want to use them in my school but to use it for something. After getting all the used notebooks I could still use, I tear out all the used pages and compile all the pages that don’t have any writing on it. That is when I let my imagination work and get it wild with the recycled notebooks and my panda or lotus ball pen or even a pencil.

The very first script I created is “Patrick and Dorothy”. I’m sure my classmates and friends from high school would remember this piece. The story is all about two people who were very great enemies but soon were found something more interesting for each other. It was performed into a group presentation and I was so amazed at how my classmates laughed and loved the story. This led me to discover more of what I have already done. The next years of my high school were very much occupied with the passion I’ve learned to enjoy. I write in almost all of the day in the morning, noon, afternoon, during classes and even until the late midnight.  It was also in this year when I wrote the longest script I have written. “Isla Dela Cruz”, a story that surrounds with 15 strangers who were gathered in an island that ought to be a training camp for special agents or undercover operatives. This Island was owned by a man who wears a mask and has a twin brother who would also be breaking his own rules.

This story made me think of so many characters placed in one single story. Every one of my classmates were intrigued and soon wanted to be part of the Isla Dela Cruz series.

This script was unfortunately burnt by my mother who always asked me why I was doing that and why was I tiring myself writing useless things. It was too hard to accept that the scripts I painstakingly wrote are now ashes. But the imagination and the story was never gone and remained tattooed in my mind. I graduated from high school with lesser time to write and lesser interest because of a few discouragements.

I enrolled for college by the year 2006 and took Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Communication. It was never really my intention to take this course because the original plan was to be enrolled as an Education student. I was glad he department stopped accepting enrollees due to the fact that it had already reached it’s maximum number of enrollees. But my ambition to finish College was altered when I had to stop to find a job and help my family.

By the year 2009, I went back to college with the help of two very loving and very kind people. It was in this year that an organization of young Film makers was created in the name, CINEU Film Festival. It was then that I came to realize that the script writing hobby now has a new course to take and it is film making.

My first entry was created with a bunch of people. I then created Salingsing Productions. My first film was entitled “PROSTI” and stars Maricor Arbol who was yet very naïve and was really forced to dance in a sexy dance as she plays the role of a young lady who is a student by day and a prostitute by night. This film was made as tribute to the young women I have once met who worked as Spa Therapists and gives out special services to their customers as part of the trade. “PROSTI” also starred Luvismich De Castro and Edgar Badanoy Jr.

Though the film didn’t win, it made me happy that I was able to create a film. This gave me much much more of an inspiration.

By the following year, I was able to purchase my very first digital camera which is a Kodak digicam. It brought too much excitement to me as “PROSTI” was only made through a borrowed AV Camera. I honestly thought that moment that I can do so much with just a digital camera.

That same year by the run of the CINEU months, I assembled a team of seven people. 3 girls from my classmates, my boyfriend and his bestfriend and a kid named Jan Jan whom we only dragged from somewhere to play the child role. Thus, “ATIS” and “ROSAS PANDAN” medley music video was created. Atis was played, by your very own. The story revolves around the infidelity of a woman and lost her son due to her shortcomings.  “ATIS” starred Lucilita Rosales, Danny Boy Bersubio, Nico Ababon, Jan Jan and Rhealyn Quisel. Meanwhile, “ROSAS PANDAN” also revolved in a woman’s fate when she came down to the city from the highlands to search for greener pastures. But she unfortunately went through a traumatic experience. “ROSAS PANDAN” stars Kimberly Belleza and Gelita Alcantara.

The two entries still didn’t make it to the winning pieces but “ATIS” made a different impact to the viewers and stirred up controversies.

By the year 2011, I can say that this year was a very blessed year for me.  I was able to join a Cebuano Independent Production lead by Mr. Josephus Bajo. This is where I was able to enhance my abilities in acting as I was also one of the Acting coaches of several of aspiring actors. This is also where I learned so many things when it comes to Film Productions.

That was also the year that I was able to purchase a Phenomenal NIKON D5100DSLR Camera, the standard type of camera used by many Independent Film Makers all over the world.

This is when I created “Perhaps Love”, a story of a tragic love triangle that also involves incidences in the past, present and the future. “Perhaps Love” starred Kimberly Belleza, Pio Andres Salabsab, Sheena Canales and Ian Mark Torion. The production of the film however was not continued due to some circumstances.

But this never stopped me on continuing the craft I chose.  Not long after that, I decided to quit from TEBI. I prepared myself for the year’s CINEU Film Festival. This year’s entry was very exciting since I have chosen to feature to of the most important Kim’s in my college days; Kimberly Romero and Kimberly Belleza.

“ANG DINAPIT” is a suspense thriller that features of a pretty college girl who always fills a geek’s imagination. But he never knew the surprise he will get when he said yes about tutoring her for the Math subject. “ANG DINAPIT” stars Kimberly Romero and Bryl Jan Yucaran.

The other film was again starred by Kimberly Belleza. “AKONG KALIPAY” tells the story of a mistress who got pregnant but was left by the married man whom she had the baby with. But unknown to her, the man she love was also the man who will bring her chaos. Along with Kimberly are Manilyn Teves, Edgar Badanoy Jr., and Mary Grace Cudira.

It was in this year that I really felt lucky.  “ANG DINAPIT” was nominated in various categories such as: BEST DIRECTION, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST IN EDITING, and BEST FILM. Though I wasn’t able to win any of the nominations, I was very happy that the hard work had paid off.

This paved the way for me to really prove that I have what it takes. This same year also, I get to work with a whole new set of people. The Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy had welcomed me into their garden.

This is where I had continued to mold new talents in acting and expose them into the camera. For just three months I was able to develop three batches of actors and was able to showcase them into the films we joyfully made.


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