A Director’s Journey 2

Working with people with so much energy made film making more and more fun. I get to work with people who were already natural born actors. Here’s a list of a few films I’ve created with the Coaches and Acting students of the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy.

Ay Ambot starring Shiela Mae Ceniza and Jhade Redulosa from MMPAA’s Acting Workshop Batch 1
John Garnett Caburnay plays as an autistic child who thinks that his mother’s happiness relies on his loss. I Lab U Nay also starrs Bernadith Bilagantol.
Khalifa stars Alexa Mae Cui and Christian Dior Balaod.
Message stars Mary Pauline Dela Serna, Keith Amante and John Rey Ongos
Office starring Rheena Sappari and Christian Ann Ravina
Stars the true to life mother and daughters Mrs. Rosenda Obida, Roselle Obida and Wilrose Mae Obida
Starring Wella Marie Obida, Jonathan Mayol, Mr. Ranulfo Maquilan and Mrs. Evangeline Maquilan
Starring Rheena Sappari, Shiela Mae Ceniza, Abegail Baroy, and Geralyn Solano.
Directed by: Jhade Trece Redulosa, edited by: Lucilita Rosales
A Star studded performance of MMPAA’s acting students.

Many would ask, what’s next? Well if you would want to know more, just STAY TUNED!


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