MMPAA: Stepping Stone To Unleash the Voice Within.

cropped-hip-hop-rapper-microphones-artist-1920x1200-wallpaper_www-vehiclehi-com_13MMPAA is not just a school, it is a school of unleashing the talent and skill you have inside. It is a school of developing you and promoting what you’ve got, it is about showing and unfolding the voice that had been kept in you.

The MMPAA offers different summer workshop. Where you can sing, dance, act, pose, play instrument and host. The Voice with stage performance workshop let you learn new and proper method in singing and also the proper manner in stage and audience contact. Bring up your confidence while grooving to the music and show your new steps on stage with the Dance workshop. The Acting workshop makes you learn methods in acting and skills in playing different roles. Play and learn in the Instrument workshop, learn the techniques in playing different instrument.

Walk with confidence with your style in the runway with the Modeling workshop. Have fun in hosting with different people with Hosting workshop.

Be part of our growing family!

You can contact us:

(422-2474)- Mandaue


(09324171763)- APM

Or visit us in the branches near you:

203 C and F Ramirez Building, Sb Cabahug, Street Centro Mandanue

Apm Centrale

3rd Floor Osmena Bulevard, Cebu City

Shanghai Inn Davao

You can also find us in facebook:


by: Xylene


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