11054816_1113032988710963_6360467862587111133_nWant to know how to Act? or you just want to improve your acting skills ? MMPAA offers the best Acting Workshop for you.

The Ministry of Music and Performing Ats Academy (MMPAA) offers a 12 session acting workshop that  teaches different techniques in acting. MMPAA’s acting workshops enhances the mastery of it students in playing different character with confidence and style. Through developing their Vocal projection, Physical Expression, Emotional Facility, Body Language and etc. This acting workshop give emphasis on how important the studies of character from inside rather than from outside, to encourage a sincere and emotionally expressive performance that would surely connect and deliver the message to the audience.

Do you want to know how to  act with connection ?

You can come and Visit us in any of our branches .Located @room 203 C and F Ramirez building, SB Cabahug Street Centro Mandaue. Or @ APM Centrale Or. @ 3rd Floor Osmeña Bulevard Cebu City. Or@ Shanghai Inn Davao.

You can also like us on facebook
You can also contact us on.
( 422-2474 ) – MANDAUE
( 416-7463 ) – CEBU
( 09324171763 )- APM




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