1510515_1101555819858680_4008000519396185307_nWant to be effective in portraying your character ? Then enroll to our Acting workshop. Learn the methods in acting and master your skills in playing different character on stage or scree. Laugh, cry, get angry, disgust and be who ever you want to be in our Acting workshop.

MMPAA ( Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy) is the best school Acting School that you’ve been searching for. Within 12 session of Acting workshop you will be able to meet the new version of your self, and mirror different character. MMPAA is not only a school that caters in a students needs and enhances their ability in acting, instead we also gave exposures to the student where they would be able to experience acting on screen.


What to  be an Actor?


You can come and Visit us in any of our branches .Located @room 203 C and F Ramirez building, SB Cabahug Street Centro Mandaue. Or @ APM Centrale Or. @ 3rd Floor Osmeña Bulevard Cebu City. Or@ Shanghai Inn Davao.

You can also like us on facebook @ or
You can also contact us on.
( 422-2474 ) – MANDAUE
( 416-7463 ) – CEBU
( 09324171763 )- APM



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