collageTo be a home of world class performer that is one of the vision of the Ministry of Music and Performing Ats Academy (MMPAA), as they continue their journey in opening doors of opportunity for the aspiring Artist that dreams to become one of the worlds great performers.

With their 12 session of workshop MMPAA in powers each of it’s artist to grow and become what they should be, weather in a field of singing with stage performance, dancing, acting, modeling, hosting and instrument. MMPAA insures to get the best result as a return of investment to their artist. By molding their artist to fullest potentials that they could be and let them perform on stage with confidence and trust to their talent and skills. That is why MMPAA launches it’s seasonal concert at various malls to showcase the harvest of investment upon completing it’s 12 session, by giving each of it’s student a spotlight of solo and group performances.

MMPAA doesn’t create ones talent, but they create performers, they believe that each one of us has the potential and natural talent within. Through their passion and love for performing they were able and still molding new artist of these generation, by unleashing the natural talent and bringing out the best performer that can totally perform and give a blast on stage with confidence and grace. That makes MMPAA the best workshop Academy, for more than being a School of talent it is a Home that flourish and teaches each of it’s every artist with much passion and dedication to bring fourth the best in them in an environment that feels like home. That makes MMPAA a home of Talent.



Wanna be one of MMPAA’s talent?


You can come and Visit us in any of our branches .Located @room 203 C and F Ramirez building, SB Cabahug Street Centro Mandaue. Or @ APM Centrale Or. @ 3rd Floor Osmeña Bulevard Cebu City. Or@ Shanghai Inn Davao.

You can also like us on facebook @ or
You can also contact us on.
( 422-2474 ) – MANDAUE
( 416-7463 ) – CEBU
( 09324171763 )- APM



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