Bernadeth on MMPAA: Walk on Style, Dance on Beat.

          At an early age of 18 Mary Bernadeth E. Paulo had already conquer the stage of being MMPAA’s Modeling and Dancing Coach. With much dedication she proves that despite of her young age she can handle and teach students to become what they should be weather in field of dancing or modeling.15129486_1256434767757010_5432138181558502350_o

          Mary Bernadeth E. Paulo also known as “Coach Bernadeth” was born on July 2,1998 at Cebu City, and studying at one of the Universities here in Cebu, taking up BSED majoring Mathematics. During high school days dancing became one of her passion and MMPAA opened the door of opportunity for her to grew and developed her talent and skills together with her background in dancing eventually she became a Dance Coach. Until such time she had been seen to have a great potential of being a Modeling Coach by Mr. Jhade Trece Redulosa (MMPAA’s manager and  Ko owner) , but at first she tried to resist the offer ” Actually walking, projecting and being a model is not my forte, because I’m more into dancing, but Sir Jhade encourage me because they found me model material and so I was trained and eventually I’ve been able to love the field.” Coach Berbadeth said .

           For Four years MMPAA became her home and family, and being an MMPAA’s Coach brought her lots of unforgettable experiences. One of which is seeing the students grew and improve, “It is very heartwarming when your students approaches you as their coach, despite of your age gap, because I do have student who are much older than me, at first it was intimidating, but it really thought me a lot. MMPAA is a training ground for every students that comes in, at the same time for us coaches, it enhances ones talent and a way to reach your goal”she answered, when she was asked what is MMPAA for her. With delicate passion for Coaching she is now one of MMPAA’s best coaches “Walk on Style and Dance on Beat”.


by: Vivian


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