Emelio on MMPAA : Steps in the Grooves of Music.

          Bearing his passion and love for Music Mr. Emilio T. Yap took his journey on the road of Coaching at MMPAA.collage

          Mr. Emilio T. Yap known as “Coach Miyok” was born on January 28,1996 at Balamban Cebu, with great motivation and hard work he finished Bachelor of Secondary Education Majoring English at CNU ( Cebu Normal University ) Balamban Campus. Having the degree of teaching Coach Miyok were able to teach, but not in the field of English but in Dancing. His great passion in dancing drives him to turn his back to the journey that he just had finished and motivated him to start a new one in the road of Music. Known to posses a friendly character Coach Miyok also posses talent in dancing, having the genre of krump he was able to join different dance troop that further developed his natural talent in different genre of dance.

          Joining different competition and being in a different places drives him to meet different people.” I was in Balamban that time when I heard that the owner of MMPAA was also there. So, what I did is that I approached him and told him that I wanted to apply at MMPAA as a Dance Coach, and he told me to meet him at City so I did ” he said.  Meeting Mr. Joseph Joshua Musca the owner of MMPAA, gave him a wider opportunity not just in developing his talent but as well as the opportunity to share his talent in dancing through coaching. Just like all the coaches being a dance coach brought him lots of memories that were worth to remember ” Being in MMPAA gives me a lot of memories to keep, but what I can’t forgot was when I teaches for the first time the feeling was just inexpiable, having your first student, having your first class and all ” he said. Coach Miyok was able to find home at MMPAA where he can teach and develop young artist having the same passion like he had towards dancing, and influence them to bring out the best potentials that they posses in dancing “MMPAA is a School where being an artist starts” he added as we ended the interview.

By: Vivian


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