Yes you have the Talent. Do you have the guts

January 23, 2017 by Coach Jhade Redulosa It is already given that in order for you to be part of the Philippine Entertainment Industry, you need to be equipped with talent and arts. We have seen a lot of people become popular in youtube because of their craft or became viral on facebook because of... Continue Reading →


Written by Appraelle Husayan ABOUT JUNEDAY “I am but a small voice, I am but a small dreams" Born on the 12th of June, searching for great distance and discover secrets that others would not want to share is in his blood. He rarely find a way to move to far from a shore if... Continue Reading →

MMPAA’s Road to Fulfillment

" Struggles won't define your success, your learning does". Being in MMPAA taught us a lot of things and opened our eyes to believe in one's natural potential and talents. It helped us to help others. It developed us coaches the way it developed each of it's student. The Ministry of Music and Performing Arts... Continue Reading →


To be a home of world class performer that is one of the vision of the Ministry of Music and Performing Ats Academy (MMPAA), as they continue their journey in opening doors of opportunity for the aspiring Artist that dreams to become one of the worlds great performers. With their 12 session of workshop MMPAA... Continue Reading →


Want to be effective in portraying your character ? Then enroll to our Acting workshop. Learn the methods in acting and master your skills in playing different character on stage or scree. Laugh, cry, get angry, disgust and be who ever you want to be in our Acting workshop. MMPAA ( Ministry of Music and... Continue Reading →

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