Want to be effective in portraying your character ? Then enroll to our Acting workshop. Learn the methods in acting and master your skills in playing different character on stage or scree. Laugh, cry, get angry, disgust and be who ever you want to be in our Acting workshop. MMPAA ( Ministry of Music and... Continue Reading →



Want to know how to Act? or you just want to improve your acting skills ? MMPAA offers the best Acting Workshop for you. The Ministry of Music and Performing Ats Academy (MMPAA) offers a 12 session acting workshop that ┬áteaches different techniques in acting. MMPAA's acting workshops enhances the mastery of it students in... Continue Reading →

A Director’s Journey 2

Working with people with so much energy made film making more and more fun. I get to work with people who were already natural born actors. Here's a list of a few films I've created with the Coaches and Acting students of the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy. Many would ask, what's next?... Continue Reading →

A Director’s Journey 1

I could still remember the first time I was graced by amazing films during my childhood. Drew Barrymore's classic "Never Been Kissed" and Chow Yung Fat's "Ana and the King". Just two of the first films I've seen that became an instant favorite. That, I guess was the one thing that inspired me to┬átake the... Continue Reading →

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