MMPAA’s Road to Fulfillment

" Struggles won't define your success, your learning does". Being in MMPAA taught us a lot of things and opened our eyes to believe in one's natural potential and talents. It helped us to help others. It developed us coaches the way it developed each of it's student. The Ministry of Music and Performing Arts... Continue Reading →


Emelio on MMPAA : Steps in the Grooves of Music.

          Bearing his passion and love for Music Mr. Emilio T. Yap took his journey on the road of Coaching at MMPAA.           Mr. Emilio T. Yap known as "Coach Miyok" was born on January 28,1996 at Balamban Cebu, with great motivation and hard work he finished... Continue Reading →


To be a home of world class performer that is one of the vision of the Ministry of Music and Performing Ats Academy (MMPAA), as they continue their journey in opening doors of opportunity for the aspiring Artist that dreams to become one of the worlds great performers. With their 12 session of workshop MMPAA... Continue Reading →


          With great passion more than just for fashion that's how the Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy (MMPAA) has been built by Mr. Joseph Joshua Musca in the year 2008 and later on with Mr.Jhade Trece Redalusa. Their passion and love for music and performing gave rise to an... Continue Reading →

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