AL on MMPAA: Journeys to the String of Music.

collage                Growing in the field of Music Mr. Al Floyd Magno has been able to find home at MMPAA. Bringing the natural talent, Mr. Al Floyd were able to share his Music through teaching piano and guitar at MMPAA.

                 Mr. Al Floyd Magno known as “Coach Al” was born on July 15,1993 at Cebu City, took up AB Music when he was in College, yet due to personal reason his musical journey in college wasn’t finished, but it didn’t hinder his passion and continues to play instrument until he found MMPAA around 2014. Build with much love of music Coach Al was seen to have a great potential in playing both Piano and Keyboard,and he was able to share his talent through coaching. “One of the most unforgettable experience of being an MMPAA Coach was that, you will really experience teaching those students who really has no interest at all. I mean those students that were just sent by there parents so that someone may look over for them, because it was like teaching a cow how to bark and that is the challenge there ” Coach Al said.

             With his heart for music and dedication in teaching MMPAA were able to brought out new set of instrumentalist and unlock the hidden talents that were not yet discovered. At the age of 24 his journey in music continues to bloom as he found the place were his passion lays, often described as a good man he also shares laughter with his fellow coaches in MMPAA.  “MMPAA for me is a group of an artist who has passion in instrument, dance, acting, hosting and singing . A group of lovely people ” he said as we ended the interview.



By: Vivian


Famela: A Voice that Blooms in MMPAA

17361617_455753228149667_354199209340921852_n               Famela T. Flores called as “Coach Famela” or “Coach Fam” was born on May 1, 1991 at Pangantukan Bukidnon, at age of 26 she’s been able to pursue her passion and love for music in the field of voice coaching ” I have a voice that I wanted to share to other people, even though it’s not as brilliant compared to the other singers but it’s the gift that I wanted to share” Coach Famela said.

Born in a Family of singers Coach Famela got her inspiration from her dad at an early age she was already exposed in music, with love of Music she’s been able to share her talent as one of MMPAA’s Voice Coaches, but just like the others her life is not a smooth sail, it takes patience and courage to have what she had right now, to be in MMPAA. In our interview she said ” Actually it was my friend April who introduced MMPAA to mo through social media, and it really caught my attention and interest” that was way back 2015 and it gave her courage to try, but unfortunately luck isn’t in her side that time, ” I don’t know what happened, but Sir Jhade just told me to wait for their call and so I did, hahahah! but I didn’t receive any until 2017 maybe because I was still haggard that time. Anyways it doesn’t matter I’m here now” she added.

Her journey in MMPAA gives her a lot of lesson and memories ” As a Voice coach seeing your students willingness to learn also gives you a burning passion to teach and become better coach everyday” for her seeing student perform makes her proud of being one of MMPAA’s Coaches, “MMPAA is a big help for every student, there are many skilled and talented individuals out there who’s been looking for a place that can mold them, and I’m happy and proud that MMPAA is always there to cater those needs. A place who would willingly open new doors to unleash the hidden talent, where voice can bloom into fulfillment, such as mine”. More than a home, she described MMPAA as a Family that helps her bloom.

by: Vivian


13567181_1232984760075636_7620349269404887739_nDreaming of becoming a model? But, you don’t know how to properly stand, project, move and behave like one? MMPAA is the school that you’ve been looking for.

The Ministry of Music and Performing Arts Academy (MMPAA) offers Modeling Workshop for the students ages two and above. It is the best workshop school that would enhance and develop each of the students talents and bring forth their potentials in Modeling with discipline and style. MMPAA teaches each of it’s students the proper way and techniques of projecting, standing, and walking in runways and camera with confidence and ethics. It is the best school where you can learn and experience your self how and what it feels to be a model, walk in a runway, project in front of the camera and people, and stand like a beauty queen with grace and style.

Wanna be one of the MMPAA Models?

You can come and Visit us in any of our branches .Located @room 203 C and F Ramirez building, SB Cabahug Street Centro Mandaue. Or @ APM Centrale Or. @ 3rd Floor Osmeña Bulevard Cebu City. Or@ Shanghai Inn Davao.

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MMPAA: Stepping Stone To Unleash the Voice Within.

cropped-hip-hop-rapper-microphones-artist-1920x1200-wallpaper_www-vehiclehi-com_13MMPAA is not just a school, it is a school of unleashing the talent and skill you have inside. It is a school of developing you and promoting what you’ve got, it is about showing and unfolding the voice that had been kept in you.

The MMPAA offers different summer workshop. Where you can sing, dance, act, pose, play instrument and host. The Voice with stage performance workshop let you learn new and proper method in singing and also the proper manner in stage and audience contact. Bring up your confidence while grooving to the music and show your new steps on stage with the Dance workshop. The Acting workshop makes you learn methods in acting and skills in playing different roles. Play and learn in the Instrument workshop, learn the techniques in playing different instrument.

Walk with confidence with your style in the runway with the Modeling workshop. Have fun in hosting with different people with Hosting workshop.

Be part of our growing family!

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